Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drawing - Oil Pastels Triptych - Green/Red

I have had to do some reworking of this drawing at the teacher's suggestion.

She was unhappy with my Van Gogh inspired sky as it was sitting too flat in the drawing, and once again, I have to fit in with the project brief, which I am really finding quite restrictive in some areas, so have changed the sky. The process of working out how to turn the flat into something with depth is a learning experience too, so I shouldn't complain.

The light when I took this picture wasn't the best as it has put a bit too much light in the sky. I think the sky has a little more depth to it now and is not so flat, but it has lost some of the fun for me. Anyway, this is almost complete. I'll take it to class on Wednesday and see what the teacher makes of this version. Every chance she'll dislike this sky too.. I think I need to lighten the distant trees a little more to stop them pushing forward as much as they do. I'm pretty happy with the poppy field too now.


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Elaine said...

Thanks for visiting SQ.

Cindy Lane said...

I really like the "Life" you have captured here- such movement!

With my skies I tend to have them darker up the top as the colour heads off into the atmosphere, and then gradully lighten it as it approaches the horizon line. It can be a tricky thing adding distance into the sky.

I LOVE your glaze colours in the previous post - really reminds me of King Tut's funerary mask - fabulous!

Elaine said...

Thanks Cindy.

I had the sky round the way you described but it didn't work, so switched it round and it did :). And having the sky all pink made it a little bit more interesting/difficult in a way.