Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ceramics - Slab Bowl - complete

The slab bowl was fired during the week and is now complete. I must say that I am not so happy with the outcome. It is not the glaze I would have chosen for this piece, but we had to use the glazes that were a part of the brief for this project.

Also, as we were a little rushed to glaze these, I didn't take as much time or give as much thought as I would have liked to to how to apply this glaze. The test pots we made didn't turn out right as the honey glaze was not mixed sufficiently to get the right colours. I would definitely have done something different with the turquoise glaze if I had had more time. But it is complete and fits the project brief... and I can remake one next year after finishing TAFE and get it exactly how I want it.

I must admit that I really liked this bowl, and now I don't so much.


Bruce Long said...

oh well.... but as I say to my exam students, its all about doing the exam (or assessment brief) which is not real life. You've learnt a lot from the process I'm sure and knowing what not to do next time is a big thing to know! It was something very special before the glaze though, I really imagined it bright white.

Elaine said...

I would have liked the face white but the rest a watery blue. But yes, I had to go with the project brief and I understand that - but I'm disappointed. None of us are happy about having to use the honey glaze.

Kay said...

I find restrictions in teaching interesting. It makes little sense to force artists to use particular colors or styles. You had done test pots so why not allow you freedom to create? I actually quite like this piece but understand how it feels when a vision goes awry because of forced restrictions. I always laughed when fellow students did whatever they wanted for assignments. The majority of our art professors said..if you aren't going to do the assignment then what you do better be terrific. Hmm I might be advocating anarchy here but I did find myself more respected and always got good grades when I did things the way I felt would enhance the art.

Elaine said...

I already was using the anarchy card by doing this design on the bowl. We were supposed to be doing something inspired by Ancient Chinese Ritual vessels, but this is what I ended up with. And we were given no choice for the glazes. This was it. So I just played with them as I didn't know what it would look like (they didn't have an example of the result at all!) because I knew I could create the bowl again - and make it better.

Thanks for your input - I completely agree with you about this but when your teachers are not flexible in almost any way, it is difficult.

Bruce Long said...

i think teaching "creativity" must be difficult, especially as they are obliged to enforce criteria for assessment that can apply to every student. Perhaps you are mostly being taught a) techniques, within an artificial assessment structure and b) some level of preparation for creating art for other people to their specifications, which is probably par for the course if one is to make money from it eventually.... Still, I like Kay's anarchy approach! Once you've mastered all the basics you can no doubt be as mischievous as you want and "get away with it"!