Sunday, August 28, 2011


For some reason I haven't caught up on all the prints I have completed in Printmaking so far this year. So this post will be a catch up of images.

 'Roller Coaster'
This was the second lino cut print I created. I was lucky enough to get two prints done for the lino cut project.

Reduction Lino

We then moved onto Collagraphs - images cut out of mat board.



(the next three versions were experimentation with colour and combinations of the plate)




Screen Printing
First week of screen printing we just played with printing one colour onto butchers paper to get a feel for screen printing. As the class progressed we were able to play with colour, which I did.

The following week we worked on collages to prepare for a paper stencil screen print, which we started printing last week. My print will be a four colour print. The following is the first two colours complete.

A slightly surreal image I am calling 'Treading Water'.

I'll post the final screen print once completed - hopefully in class this week. If I get through this quickly I may be able to print onto a T-shirt as well, which would be great fun.

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