Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painting - Acrylics - My World

I have had a good day and a bit of a frustrating day today. This morning I photographed a whole lot of work that I hadn't had the chance to do for a while, did some washing, updated my blog, and then went shopping for some essentials (and non-essentials!). I even bought a new desk chair as my old one has fallen apart. But... I was also supposed to get on with work on my acrylic painting.

I think I am procrastinating as I am still not really confident in this medium yet. I finally started at about 2pm. I mixed a palette of burnt sienna and raw sienna in different hues and tones, and then had to scrap the lot as not one of them worked. Aaargh!

Anyway, I persevered and got a bit done but not as much as I would have liked. Here is the progress...
I have blocked in the extra items on the buffet that need to be painted in, I have put another coat of colour on the buffet, I painted a glaze over the wall in the kitchen area below the cabinets, and basically mucked around with mixing colours. I did ghost in some of the things on the high shelves in the kitchen cabinet - I really like how they turned out. Hopefully I will get more done on Tuesday when I have time to get back to this again.

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