Sunday, August 21, 2011

Painting - Acrylics - My World - reworked

Today I decided to start again with my painting. I have been feeling stuck, unsure of how to go on with the other one, I think because of the framework (architrave) around the top edge of the picture almost a frame within the picture. So, I had another large canvas already gessoed, and looked at my original picture and cropped it and got stuck in again. Here is how it looks so far.

I am so much happier with this crop. The picture is much more intimate, the viewer able to feel like someone has just stepped out of the picture.

I seem to be in a reworking frame of mind this weekend having redone my oil pastel landscape as well. But I am glad I was able to see that I needed to redo these. I am feeling much happier about working on this now and have progressed further than I had on the original painting.  (I am not giving up completely on that painting - I will continue to work on it at the same time as this one. I'm mixing colours for one, I may as well use it on the other as well.) 

Here is the old version with some minor additions...

I am actually feeling excited to work on this one now. I certainly wasn't feeling that way about the first version. And I would have loved to say thank you to Margaret Olley, who recently passed away, whose work helped me to see what I needed to do with this.


Adriana Meiss said...

Elaine, I agree with you, the crop makes the scene look more intimate. I like it a lot!

Elaine said...

Thanks Adriana. One of the best things about doing this course is that I am learning to work things out like that.