Friday, August 26, 2011

Painting - Acrylics - My World - reworked #2

Today in painting I continued to work on the re-worked version of my My World project. My teacher is very happy with the new direction and also feels that the space is working much better in this cropped new work.

I feel like I haven't accomplished much with this today as I was only working on the background - a lot of grey/green tones. I have also marked in where a few other objects will go. This weekend I have to get to work on this as I would like to include this in the exhibition if I can get it completed by end of next Friday. So I need to add in the extra items, re work the buffet, finish the tablecloth and items on the table, and add some more solid colour onto the flowers, balloons and fruit. *deep breath* Lots to do, lots of paint to play with, lots of fun really, so I can't complain.

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