Thursday, August 04, 2011

Drawing - Oil Pastels Still Life - WIP#1

In Drawing, in the first week back at TAFE, we were given a new project to research - a still life triptych in red, yellow and blue, our first excursion into colour in our Drawing course.Part of the research was to find and sketch in oil pastel three paintings by Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, and to bring in to class items in red, yellow and blue to add to a class still life set-up. The still life was set up last week and we took photographs and worked out the final composition for each segment of the triptych.

This week in class I started my triptych, working on the yellow segment first...

The rubber duck was my (my daughter's really) contribution to the yellow still life. I was really pleased with how quickly this came together for me. I was able to complete the sketch for each section of the triptych, complete the yellow segment and start on the red in the three hour class.

This is how far I got on the red segment...

Oil pastel is fun and quick. Doesn't have the smooth even finish of the soft pastels but more experimentation will prove if it is more versatile.  I am pleased I did the sketches of the Impressionists works before I started this as it gave me a chance to see how the oil pastels go onto paper and how they can be blended to get the colours you want. (The Japanese doll and the Mickey Mouse shorts were my contributions to the red still life - had to make sure they were in the final composition!)

The three works are all on the one full sheet of Mi-Teintes paper (rough side) - this is almost A1 size.

I'll post more pics as this work continues.

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