Friday, August 26, 2011

Drawing - Oil Pastels Landscape triptych

I have completed the first work of this triptych. Very happy with it. It is funny how I don't really like the Fauvist style, yet I am really enjoying creating these landscapes.

 Orange/Blue landscape

We have an exhibition coming up for the students of the Cert IV in Visual Arts and Contemporary Crafts. This is the work that has been selected to go in for my entry from Drawing class.  This is just under A1 size on orange Canson Mi-Teintes.

As you can see form this first landscape I am drawing fields of flowers for my triptych. The second one I have started is the Purple/Yellow combination.

This is not completed yet, as I still have to get a bit more depth to the field and a bit more colour into the background. It is a bit harder working on the purple paper. I had to lay in white under the yellows so that they would show up better.  Only using the purple and yellow tones make this one rather surreal landscape, but I like it still.

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