Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ceramics - Slab Sculpture Project

The next project in Ceramics is a textured slab sculpture, based on architectural forms. Some of the examples we were shown were fairly rigid, without organic shapes. I prefer something with a bit of fluidity to it so came up with a design that my instructor is happy with.

 Firstly we had to make the model with cardboard, so we can build the sculpture around it. Luckily I had some lovely yellow cardboard lying around at home and played with that until I got the shape right. In class, after playing with some test tiles (working out the textures I would like to use on the sculpture), I decided to build a small scale version of the piece.

I had a lot of fun working out the textures I like. Some of the things I used were paper twine, foam beads, corrugated cardboard, hand made paper (heavyweight), bandages, leaves, hand-knitted dishcloth and ribbon. I even had a go at weaving to create some different textural patterns - that worked really well.

Next Wednesday, I start to build this, rolling the slabs and adding texture before cutting out the pieces I need to create my shape. I'm looking forward to this.

My husband said this looks like an Easter Island statue - that wasn't the inspiration for this!

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