Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting - Mixed Media Portrait - Major work

I started this portrait last week in class but really only had the chance to sketch it in and place one small wash of colour onto it before the end of last lesson. Nothing would have shown up on a photograph as the pencil was rubbed back to leave only faint marks. This week I continued to lay on washes of colour using those pencil marks as a guide.

A1 size, Arches medium watercolour paper 300gsm

 This photo was taken after the first light washes on the face and hair.

A light blue wash in the background has been added.

A few more washes of darker colour to begin adding detail to the figure.

Next I have to add some more detail to the lower part of the face and darken the background, then I can move onto other media, which at this stage will probably just be pastel. I think ink would be too harsh for this painting. I also have to be careful not to overdo the pastel, since that is the medium I am more used to working in, as I think it could overpower the watercolour quite easily.

I am enjoying working with watercolour on this portrait. It has been interesting to see the shapes of colour and tone come together to form the face. Now I just have to keep it looking like a child's face.

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