Sunday, June 05, 2011

Drawing- Vanitas style - WIP#2

I continued to work on the Vanitas-style drawing in the last drawing class. Finally got around to photographing it today to post.

A1 size, Canson (Cream colour)
Charcoal and Conte crayons (black, white and greys)

Still have some more shadows to darken and need to lay down the envelopes a bit more with some shadows which I have just realised are not there. But I am happy with the way this is looking. Should finish this at the beginning of the next class.

Our next, and last project for this semester will be a portrait, also in black, white and grey. As this will also be A1 size it will be an interesting exercise as I haven't done a portrait this size before. I just need to get a good portrait photo taken between now and Wednesday  - in the style of Max Dupain - how do I become as good a photographer as him in two days? lol

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