Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drawing - Portrait - Charcoal and Conte Crayon

I almost completed the initial sketch for this in class on Wednesday, but I needed to complete the eye area as I was having a bit of trouble getting that right. So today I sat this on my easel and went for it.

I had just started to put in some of the darkest darks when I remember to take a photo *g* How strange the face looks without any of the lines or shadows to give it shape and interest.

I decided to get to work on the background so using compressed charcoal laid in the dark black background. I then used a wet brush and went over the charcoal to try and get a really dark black for behind the head. I also worked on the shirt using willow charcoal - really happy with the way that is turning out.

And this is where I am leaving this today. He has crazy eyes, so need to fix that and when I go to class I know my teacher is going to tell me that I need to darken areas of the face. But I like to get that feedback before I move on. Now if only I can fix the crazy eyes!

Full sheet of Canson (Ivory) using graphite, Charcoal (black and white) and Conte Crayon (black, white, grey)


Adriana Meiss said...

Good work! I think he has an intent look, not crazy. ;-)

Elaine said...

I think I see things that are not quite right in this portrait because I know the subject very well. I only had to make a few minor adjustments before deciding this was finished and ready to hand in for assessment.