Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watercolour and mixed media - landscape

We have moved onto mixed media in Painting class now. Using watercolour as a base we are then adding ink, pastel and charcoal, depending upon our personal choice.

To start we worked on a landscape. We could choose a new landscape or re-create the last watercolour landscape so we could see the difference between adding other media and just using watercolour - I chose that option.

Here is the original watercolour landscape...

And here is the mixed media version...

I used pastels only over the watercolour. I tried some ink but the picture really didn't suit ink. I'm still not drawn to watercolour as a painting medium, but for this course I will continue to give it a go. I can see things I like in each of the paintings. With more time I could iron out the things that need fixing.

This week, we started looking at portraits in watercolour and mixed media. We started with a small study of one of our classmates.

After the study we worked with watercolour to lay in an underpainting and then added ink, if we chose, and then pastel. The teacher said to just play with it and just experiment, so that is what I did. I wouldn't say it is a favourite or a good painting, but it is experimental! *g* I'm going to do some more work on the painting before I post it!

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