Monday, May 30, 2011

Drawing- Vanitas style

We have moved onto a new project in drawing - an A1 size (large sheet) drawing based upon a Vanitas painting (Dutch 17th century). We had to choose reference work from that time period and, using items that mean something to us, create a still life that is set up to match the painting. We worked in groups to gather our still life items, so two of us have joined forces to create this still life.

I was hoping to get the initial drawing started on the weekend but I had so much work to get done on other things I didn't get to it. But today, whilst it poured down outside, I finally sketched the pieces into place ready for charcoal and Conte crayons.

The light wasn't too good as I finished this off tonight so the pic is not the best, but you can get an idea of the placement of things.

I haven't worked on a piece as big as this before and now in the space of a week I'll be doing a painting and a drawing this size.

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