Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drawing - Interiors Triptych complete

Today was the last day to work on the interiors triptych in class time - and I finished. I only had a few minor corrections to make, which was great.

I have really enjoyed doing these drawings, even though they were so detailed. The middle of the three drawings was the first that I completed. It is mostly in graphite with a small amount of charcoal. It took a long time, much longer than I was happy with. For the next drawing I decided to do more charcoal - and I was so pleased with the outcome and the shorter length of time it took to complete the drawing. Instead of seven hours, it only took four! A big difference when you don't have a lot of time outside of class to complete work.

And so, because of the success of the second drawing, I decided to use mostly charcoal in the final one as well. I can see the difference between the first and the final drawing. I felt much more relaxed about using the charcoal and just went with where it took me, and whilst I love graphite, I think I am hooked on charcoal.

The other good thing about this triptych is that the building where I took the photos will be torn down in a few years to make way for new premises. These will be a reminder of the great times had in the old art and craft rooms.

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