Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ceramics - Ritual Vessel - WIP#7

Finally started carving into the pot on Wednesday. Wasn't able to get it all done, which was a pity - had to do some other assignment work on OH&S in class.

So far I have carved the outline of about half the flowers into relief but also need to carve out some of the petals and stamen of the flowers to give more definition. I think it is going to look quite good when finished. The way the bulbs are attached isn't quite what I had in mind when I envisaged them on the base of the pot - I went with the suggestion of the teacher. Hopefully they will work okay once fired.

Also need to think about what to do in the transition between designs. The one between the flowers and leaves is okay but I need to do something between the bulbs and the leaves.

So, fingers crossed, I'll get the final work done in class next week and then it can be fired!

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