Friday, April 29, 2011


We were introduced to watercolour in Painting class today. I did some work in watercolour last year but it is not my favourite medium, so I will have to wait and see how using it goes under a different instructor.

We started just playing with one colour and seeing what we could do with it...

This involved using pure colour and then adding more and more water to see the effect we could create. Adding wet on wet, wet on dry and other ways to just play with the colour.

Then, we tried several colours, playing with the paint and just getting a feel for using it...
Mixing colours, laying colour over colour and seeing what happens.

After a break, we then worked with a still life set up by the teacher.

This was interesting. The colours aren't quite right here as the lighting under which I took the photo wasn't ideal. I left most of the page white and just added in the abstract shapes of the shadows to create the drapery. It was a good exercise. I preferred it to painting gum trees, which I did a lot of last year.

As I said, I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks and see if I come to like watercolour.


Kay said...

traditional watercolor techniques are very useful to learn as it is a difficult medium..but I go a bit wild with mine and I am all about deeply saturated color..which is hard to get with traditional once you learn the have to sometimes learn to break them and see where this wonderful medium can take you! Just remember that you can learn to control the paint and water..but what fun is that? I find watercolor to be full of happy accidents..and I do get tired of the traditional transparent and mamby pamby color that traditionalists employ. That said..have a good time with one of my favorite mediums!

Elaine said...

I love the deep colours you get in your watercolours - how do you do it? Do you mix media as well? We will be going towards that as we progress in class.

Kay said...

I have been using a lot of layers of washes with more color than water and Dr. Martin's liquid watercolor. also using some dr. Martin inks too.
I use lots of different techniques for texture then I add glitter and stamps and embossing not traditional at all. Have a good time in your class!

Elaine said...

Thanks Kay. I'll have to look out those Dr Martin's products.