Thursday, April 07, 2011

Printmaking - Linocut Self Portrait

We got to play with colour today!

This was the original black & white print I did with this lino cut.

This is a two plate print using a plain purple plate, with black on the lino cut. The purple was a bit too dark (but I may use a white acrylic ink or something like that and go back and lighten this up) so I added more translucent white to the purple and tried again...

Unfortunately, some one had loosened off the press on one side. The purple didn't take. I didn't know about the loosened press and ran the black anyway (as I thought I had just not put enough ink on the plate) and it went the same way. We checked the press and found out what had happened. So, we fixed the press and I ran the black again - and it was a lucky mistake as I got a really unusual print.

And finally I ran a two colour print, with blue and purple, which I really like.

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