Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Charcoal Drawing - Tools

We finished working on the charcoal still life with tools today. I had almost finished one at home on Monday so just had to add some finishing touches in the background.

I also finished a second drawing which I had started the previous week using graphite by accident (or was it memory loss! lol)  instead of willow charcoal as I was supposed to. I decided to play with some different techniques on this one including using water - with a brush and with a spray bottle. I didn't want to waste a good sketch!

When we go back to tech next term we will be starting work on a triptych, based on interiors. Over the holidays I need to take some photos of an interior, and I have decided to take some shots at my local arts & crafts group as it has been important in the development of my art to date. I'll have to spend some time there next week and take a lot of photos. My tutor was pleased with the idea so I'll work with that! We will be working with ink, charcoal and graphite for these three drawings, so it will be interesting using them all together and seeing what effects come out of it.

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