Monday, April 04, 2011

Charcoal Drawing - Tools

As part of the Drawing class at TAFE we are drawing tools in charcoal, using Jim Dine's work as a reference. I don't know that my work echoes his, but I was intrigued with how he did his drawings.

Our guidelines were to sketch in willow charcoal and use compressed charcoal for the shading. Then we were to remove areas with an eraser and see the effects we could create as we removed charcoal. I had started a different version of this in class last week, but I forgot to use willow charcoal to sketch and used pencil, so wanted to start again. And it was nice to choose some tools from home - I don't usually hunt through the tools to use them so it was an adventure not knowing what I would find.

I have had a really nice morning today. I came straight home from dropping my daughter at school - first time I've done that this year! - and set up in the backyard to do this drawing. I sat in the shade, surrounded by art supplies and cats - very relaxing.

I don't think it is quite finished, but I'm happy with the progress I made today.

(This is on A2 cartridge paper, using willow and compressed charcoal)

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