Wednesday, March 09, 2011


As there is a student exhibition coming up with the theme of 'Identity' we are working on self portraits in almost every subject. Today we worked on self portraits in Ceramics and Drawing.

For ceramics we worked on a flat piece of clay, building it up to create a realistic looking self portrait.

Looks a bit like a death mask if you ask me - and I wasn't able to put my glasses on ( a bit hard to do that at this stage) so it looks a bit like me but it doesn't!

In Drawing, it was ink self portraits. I did them but I can't say they were my favourite thing to do. We have to have 8 of them ready for end of semester, so I'll have to do some more at home.

I really like the last one (bottom row, right), but the effect doesn't really show up via the camera. Some of the ones done by others in the class were really effective.

Off on an excursion tomorrow to view some aboriginal art, which should be really interesting.


Robyn G. said...

Wow I love what you did!
I'm still getting used to using darks.
I like your SP bottom left and the clay 'death mask' is great!
See ya tomorrow xx

Kay said...

I always hated doing self portraits..takes a brave person to look so hard at oneself..I really like the ceramic mask.

Bruce Long said...

love the ink drawings but never realized you were such a fan of Alice Cooper and Kiss!! :-)))