Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lino Cut - Self Portrait

We started working on a lino cut print last week in Printmaking. I haven't worked with lino before, so it was a new experience.

I started with an ink self portrait that I completed in Drawing class. I took a photocopy and then, using an orange based transfer medium, transferred the photocopy onto the lino, so I didn't have to draw the whole picture from scratch. That certainly made starting the work easier.

This is the ink self portrait I decided to work from. It is black ink with some blue and red allowed to run down the face.

It took me most of last Printmaking class to cut the lino. I didn't get to make a test print until today.

After a few minor tweaks to the design, I have now printed 5 editions of the print ready to submit for assessment.

This was taken whilst the ink was still wet so there is some reflection from the room lights. I'll take another pic once the work is dry, but you can get the idea of how the print looks from this.

I really prefer the print to the original drawing, so that is good!

We have another two weeks to work on this lino cut, so as I have finished this, I will create another lino cut and make another edition of 5.

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