Sunday, March 06, 2011

Garden surprise

Today my step mother turned up with a surprise for me...

... some beautiful hydrangeas to plant in my garden.

We have been talking about what to plant in the front of our house for quite a while. I am not the best gardener - I like spring bulbs because you plant them and forget them - but I do love hydrangeas. My grandmother's neighbour had two of the most beautiful bushes of them in her front garden. I used to visit there every weekend and loved to see the flowers in bloom. My front garden faces south, so it is hard to choose what to put in the small garden beds near the house. I decided, with some help, that I would like to plant hydrangeas... one day!

But today, my step mother brought these two white hydrangeas for me and we planted them!!! woo hoo!!! Apparently the flowers will go pink/purple as they age. Can't wait to see if they do. Now I just have to keep them alive!! And fix the other garden bed that is clay - the thickest hardest to dig clay there is. I want to fix that bed so I can plant another couple of hydrangeas!

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