Friday, February 04, 2011

Pottery - Handbag vase

Went to pottery today - different class, different teacher. I think with each new teacher I go to I will learn something new, something different, not necessarily something better, but it will be something I need to know. I learnt what not to do when making pottery from the pelican process, as well as some really great skills in how to create it.

Today I made a handbag. I've had the idea stewing away in my brain for a while now, and in 2 hours this morning I made it.

I'll finish it next Friday. Not sure if I'll paint it or just glaze it - something to think about.

It is made using paper clay - thank heaven for paper clay! The pelican that cracked was made using raku clay, which I had to use as the class was out of stock of other clay. I don't want to use that again.

This was a lot of fun to make. My own design, no set plan, just see how it comes together. It made me feel happy to see it come together. I like that feeling. I need to play with clay more often!

And we are going to try and save the pelican. There is a cement that I can use to fix up the cracks before firing the piece. So fingers crossed the cement works and I will have a slightly cracked pelican in the backyard before too long. It will suit the slightly cracked household it will reside in!

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Robyn G. said...

Love it Lainie!
The handbag is fantastic and I'm so very glad you're going to save the pelican...good news!
Can't wait to see what you do next with the bag :-)