Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New work from Visual Arts course

Finally getting a chance to post some of the work I am doing in my visual arts course. We are still in the introductory phase, being given lists of materials, so we have just done some basic work.

Today was Drawing and Ceramics. In Drawing we played with ink - using sticks, brushes, leaves and anything else we could find to make marks on the paper and get to know what different tools can create on the page.

I completed three A2 drawings, this one being my favourite. I loved the effect that spraying water had on the ink.

And in Ceramics, after discussions regarding the guidelines and materials, we were given some clay to play with.

I've been wanting to see if I could create a face out of a slab of clay for a while so decided to try that today. I added a hook on the back so if it survives firing it will hang on the wall. I didn't have any tools, so didn't really get it the way I would like but I quite like the roughness/imperfection of this piece.


Kay said...

glad to see your art! Have fun!

Bruce Long said...

at first I thought the top photo was the found objects on photopaper you mentioned - interesting. As an ink on paper drawing, its absolutely compelling and fascinating! Keep having fun and forget about perfection and neatness, trust being expressive and just "create stuff"!! :-)

Elaine said...

Bruce, I'll post the photogram once I can get the chance to get it scanned.

There were two other ink drawings, but this one was the best I thought. I loved the way the ink changed with what you did with it.