Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pelican bites the dust...

I have made the decision to stop working on the pelican. I uncovered him this morning to check for cracks and there is a major crack in his body, which hasn't happened before. Up until now, the cracks have just been in the wings, which were added later than they should have been, so dried at a different rate. I don't want to take the chance, after repairs, of firing this and it exploding in the kiln and damaging someone else's work.

So, unfortunately, it is to the scrap heap for him. I will have a chat to my tutor and see if there is anyway I can save part of it, but I think not.

I am going to move on and make something new, and will revisit the pelican again, especially now I have learnt more about the process of making pottery sculptures.

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