Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daffodils - update (WIP#4)

Spent a little time on this today - K and her dad were having a swim so I sat at the picnic table under the shade of the umbrella and played with my pastels. (They ended up heading inside and left me to it!)

I worked mostly on creating a lighter background as I was unhappy with the darker one. Had some great comments from WetCanvas artists that also suggested the lighter background. Someone also suggested a more buttery yellow for the flowers and luckily (or unluckily as I would have enjoyed a trip to the art shop!) I had a soft Sennelier that is just about right.

(This is how the painting was before I changed the background)
New version after today's work
I'm also trying to bring some more darks into the foreground - still working on this but they are making the daffies stand out a little more. Need to darken the grasses around the base of the daffy leaves and I think that will be done.

So, now that the background is lighter, I can see that it still needs something else - have to think about what!

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