Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas is coming... cooking for school friends

I decided this year that rather than just give candy canes to K's friends this year, I would do some cooking. So we decided upon gingerbread men for her friends. Rather than giving out her Christmas cards in the last week when some kids may not be there, we are going to take them on Monday. Some of her friends have already handed out their Christmas cards, so I don't think it is too early.

But before I began cooking the gingerbread men, I decided to attempt something new to give to K's teachers. Chocolate shortbread. I don't really like homemade shortbread. My mother used to bake shortbread, which she usually overcooked as my grandfather loved it browned (not singed! lol). It all came back to me, marking the rounds with a fork and pinching the edges. But plain shortbread doesn't really interest me, but this recipe I discovered in a magazine at the school canteen really caught my eye. You can add chopped up dark chocolate to the dough, which I did!

This is one of the rounds (12cm diameter). The recipe made six of them - just the right amount for K's teachers, less one which was for us as we had to try it before giving it away. If it had been horrible, I would have had to go back to the drawing board, or should I say, recipe book?!

Here is one of the rounds all packaged up ready for the teacher.

We tasted it this afternoon and it is delicious. Definitely needed a cup of tea with it as it was quite rich. And the chunks of chocolate just add great flavour to it. Yummy!!

After the shortbread cooked, and the oven still hot, I mixed up two batches of gingerbread men. I have to admit that I used the Green's packet mix, that comes with the gingerbread man cutter and smarties, because I really like the taste of Green's gingerbread.

And with a touch of icing in a tube, so I didn't have to try and pipe out the icing, we have Christmas gingerbread men ready for school! You can tell these are home-made by the expert application of the icing, can't you!!!! lol

K has iced four just for herself - she was too busy playing with Dad to help ice gingerbread men! I have to admit it was a little quicker just to get on with it.

So with this task out of the way, there's just Christmas to sort out. Deep breath...

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