Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Painting - back to work!

After a break of quite some time, I am back to painting again. Health issues reared their annoying head, but are hopefully out of the way now.

I had been working on a painting of a Kelpie, but didn't feel like working on it tonight, so started a piece that I have been looking at for a while.

I have worked much looser than I usually do, which I think I needed (the dog needs quite a bit of detail work to finish it) and it was fun to come close to finishing a painting in 2 hours.

This is from a photo from the WetCanvas Image library and I loved the colours in the sunrise.

The trees still need quite a bit of work (in fact paring down would be good too!). I resisted the impulse to start blending, which is something I tend to do, and go with a less structured, directional application of the pastel.

I am using the Mi-Tex pastel surface which I haven't used before. It feels quite good to use. And it is about 12"x16" in size.

Even if I don't try and sell it or enter it in competition, the experience of just losing myself for the two hours in the painting was a good one.


Robyn G. said...

I really love it!!
Another lovely experiment and a very successful one *smile*

Been thinking of ya. :-)
Heads down here presently with deadlines and away for a bit too.
Catch up soon xx

Elaine said...

Thanks Robyn. It was great to work on this one. Wish I hadn't added the trees, but you learn something new every time you paint.

We'll definitely catch up soon.