Friday, October 01, 2010

Jewellery by KayTee's Kreations

At the Open Day at Blacktown Arts & Crafts Group last Sunday, I met the very creative Katrina Torrance of KayTee's Kreations.

Katrina goes to the pottery at BACG to learn ceramic art, but at home she makes fantastic jewellery and glass art. In fact her ceramic skills come in very handy for making the molds for her glass art.

I spent a very long time poring over the jewellery on display...

... and this was just some of it!...

before finally spotting this bracelet which I just had to have...

(Sorry about the fabric behind, but trying to find something on a very grey day
that would do justice  to the bracelet was really hard - at least it is a vintage cotton
that backs a quilt made by my great-aunt back in the 50s or 60s).

The bracelet was way too big for my skinny wrist, so Katrina offered to adjust it, and luckily it was two beads too big - just enough to make matching earrings!

Also on display were some of the glass pieces Katrina makes. I didn't buy any at the Open Day, but I did when I dropped by Katrina's to collect the modified bracelet and earrings.

I bought another two coasters, both of which are on my desk ready for a cup of tea for me and a guest! My daughter has laid claim to the daisy plate. I think I will be placing some orders for Christmas. Her use of colour and simple designs make her work a must to own.

If you like Katrina's work and would like to contact her, her email address is kay-tee (at) .


Robyn said...

Oh yes Lainie, they are gorgeous!!
Enjoy xx

Elaine said...

Do you like the daisy plate?