Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More Drawings

Another quiet day at home today, but I managed to complete some more drawings for the Open Day, whilst listening to some music. Today's music was Songs of a Distant Earth by Mike Oldfield.

While I am recuperating I find I am able to stop and just do what I want (drawing and music) whereas normally I always find there is something I need to do (housework, errands, etc, etc).

Rose - 1/4 A4 sheet of 220gsm drawing paper, watercolour pencils
I love the way the watercolour pencils change after brushing with water
In fact, I prefer using them to watercolours!

Tulip - Postcard size, watercolour paper, pigment ink
Practising ways to use pen to mark shadows - not sure if I'm happy with this or not

Cat - 1/4 A4 220gsm drawing paper, pigment ink and watercolour pencils

I wonder what I'll be inspired to draw tomorrow?


Tessa Gutierrez said...

I love how your drawings almost leap off the page - very delicate and exquisite :)

Robyn said...

Lainie, these are so wonderful!!
I especially L*O*V*E the soft and delicate and stunning!