Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beau (Kelpie) - Pastel Painting - WIP#3

After quite a break, I have had a chance to get a bit more done on Beau, whilst I was at an Open Day for my local Art & Craft group. In between chatting to visitors and other members of the group, I did get about 2 hours work done.

I have added some background colour, but it is not quite right, and I have realised the dog's right eye is too high and needs to be lowered a little. Have added some contours and will have to go in with the highlights to start bringing this all together.

It was good to get messy with pastels again today. It has been too long.

Last of the tulips

The last few buds have opened so no more for this year - very sad!

Here are a few new pics of the blooms...

But luckily there are other flowers appearing now including...

Dutch Iris



Apple Blossom Shrub (Australian native)

I can see how the illustrators for Alice in Wonderland came up with some of the animated flowers - I can just see this one as a woman with a ruff around her neck - can't you? It's an anemone bud, by the way : )


Friday, September 24, 2010

Colourful Fridays with Robyn @ Daisy Quilts

 Robyn at Daisy Quilts has invited everyone to take part in Colourful Fridays, and today's colour is Yellow!

Here are some yellows that I found today...
Ranunculus are my very favourite flower
Happy Daffy! (except for the lightly chewed petal, thanks to my friendly garden snail)
Wattle (taken from the car window on the way to dropping my daughter at school)
One of the tulips now flowering in my garden - they are a happy-making flower in every colour!
My lemon tree is covered in gi-normous lemons right now
Another happy daffodil - no chew marks!
One of the few Freesias in my garden this year - they give me the sneezles!
 Thanks Robyn for such a bright idea!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blacktown City Art Exhibition 2010

I went to the opening night of the Blacktown City Art Exhibition on Friday night. My painting, 'Canoes on the Lake', was selected to be displayed in the exhibition, which will run from now until mid October at the Blacktown Arts Centre.

It was a really great evening. There are some fantastic artists in Blacktown and Western Sydney, many of whom were honoured by the awards on the night. My painting didn't win anything, but that is not important to me. This is the first time I have entered this exhibition, and I am thrilled to have been selected.

The atmosphere on the night was really welcoming and friendly. I've been to other opening nights, and they didn't have this strong feeling of comerarderie. We stayed a lot longer than we meant to and wandered around the exhibition two or three times, as well as watching the awards presentation.

I'm going to go and wander through the Exhibition again this week, when there are less people there and spend a bit more time looking at the artworks. It is well worth the visit if you are in the Blacktown area.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The things you find in a crack in the concrete

I was sitting in the playground waiting to collect my daughter from school, when I looked down, thinking serious thoughts I'm sure, and spotted a little seed pod in a crack in the concrete. Now, I must have looked a little odd getting out my camera and focussing it at my feet, but this is the result.

More spring bulbs a-blooming

I have taken quite a few photos the last few days. I haven't had as many ranunculus and anemones this year as I thought we would, but I think the fact that three rather large cats enjoy sitting in the garden, munching on grass and squishing my bulbs probably has something to do with!

These ranunculus are nearly finished but they have put on a beautiful show this year.

Nearly missed these ones as the cats sat on them and squished them down amongst the leaves and grass.

And for something a little different...

I was talking to a relative about the NZ Christmas Tree we have in our garden. About how I love the variegation in the leaves as the new shoots grow. This is the first flower to appear so far this year, but when the tree is covered in them and the new light green shoots it looks fantastic.

Our pink Bottle Brush is preparing to bloom as well. This little branch of buds caught my eye...

And that is all from my Spring garden for today. Who knows what might appear tomorrow?

Tulips in the Garden

I certainly don't have enough planted to beat Floriade in Canberra, but I love the few that are blooming in my garden right now.

They get lots of morning sun in this spot, which seems to agree with them. I counted about 20 buds waiting to open after the first couple of white tulips bloomed.

These two are wonderful companions. I took a photo just as the purple one began to open but the yellow still a bud and then a day later, the yellow tulip has turned from bud to flower.

The camera doesn't do justice to the purple tulips. They are a much richer colour. Maybe if I had a better camera, that would make a difference, but these are beautiful nonetheless!

This next red one has been open for a few days now, but it is the only one with these dark red markings. They haven't shown up as well in the photo as in real life, but it looks wonderful.

I love looking at them in the garden. I go outside each day to see what new buds have opened. I love this time of year!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More Drawings

Another quiet day at home today, but I managed to complete some more drawings for the Open Day, whilst listening to some music. Today's music was Songs of a Distant Earth by Mike Oldfield.

While I am recuperating I find I am able to stop and just do what I want (drawing and music) whereas normally I always find there is something I need to do (housework, errands, etc, etc).

Rose - 1/4 A4 sheet of 220gsm drawing paper, watercolour pencils
I love the way the watercolour pencils change after brushing with water
In fact, I prefer using them to watercolours!

Tulip - Postcard size, watercolour paper, pigment ink
Practising ways to use pen to mark shadows - not sure if I'm happy with this or not

Cat - 1/4 A4 220gsm drawing paper, pigment ink and watercolour pencils

I wonder what I'll be inspired to draw tomorrow?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Pen Drawings - Duck, Rooster & Pelican

I haven't sat down for ages to just draw with pencil and ink, so this afternoon, I did just that. I need some drawings to display and sell at the Open Day for my local art group, so I had a look through my photos and here are the results. (photos were taken at night so the colour is not right).

I really quite happy with these, and I'll have to do some more.

All on watercolour paper, 4"x6".

Something old...

I was talking to a very crafty relative of mine the other day, and I reminded her of a present she gave to me way back in 1983. She had forgotten all about it so I said I'd take a pic and post it here to remind her. She has always been crafty - this is just an example of her early work...

It is a little dog made of pom-poms that she made for me for my birthday. I have kept it stored in a special box frame, so it has remained a nice creamy white and isn't covered in dust, like so many other trinkets and keepsakes that I quite frequently forget to dust.

She was a clever chook even back then! I still don't know how she joined the pom-poms together to make this - and it has lasted... count them... 27 years!

And just to prove how her craftiness has evolved over the intervening years, here is the pom-pom pup with a couple of new friends made for a much older birthday! I obviously still like to receive toys for presents - some things don't change!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Spring Flowers

It is raining here today, but that didn't stop me from going out to get pictures of the new flowers in the garden. The first ranunculus has flowered, my favourite of the bulbs, so I am very happy!

And the tulips are slowly showing their colours...

I received some very lovely flowers from some special people over the last week or so - my favourites are the gerberas, which I have had no success at growing - I think they need more care than bulbs in the garden, which I just plant and leave most of the time.