Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Still Life Challenge - WIP#1 - Pastels

With new members in our art class, we were talking about setting up some challenges in class. So tonight we had the tutor set up a still life (as long as it had no flowers was the only request) for all of us to work on in our chosen medium. Three of us took part, working in oils, acrylics and pastels. I, of course, was working in pastels.

Here is the set up from the angle at which I was painting:

So first up we each started sketching in...

I'm using an Art Spectrum Plein Air board (16" x 12").

Once the sketch was in place I started adding colour. I focussed in on the fruits when I needed to block all the colour in, but, oh well, it was fun. My detail focus kicked in, but I did stop and move on...eventually.

Still continuing to add colour, and near the end of the 2 hour class...

We all agreed that we had the most fun in class in ages. We all worked quite quickly and were really focussed, but still happy to chat a bit (and I took the time to take pics of each of our work at the same time as we progressed. We are going to put them up as a display at the Open Day at BACG coming up in September. We've decided to do a challenge like this at the beginning of each term. I love working on my own choice of painting, but this was too much fun not to do it again.

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