Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cross-stitch hedgehog

In between other things, I have been working on a small cross-stitch. I find them very relaxing to work on. Something to do with the orderliness of them I think.

This one caught my eye in a magazine, so I bought it. They said it would only take 10 hours, so that was a plus as well.

It is a pattern by Margaret Sherry. I did another cross-stitch of hers a while ago, for my step-mother, of nine fat cats, all in different poses, very suitable for a cat lover. But I love the hedgehog.

When K. saw it finished, she said "Can you hang it in my room please?" So, I think it has found it's new home before it is even framed.

And while working on this, I had to find some other threads and got very organised (or is it too organised?) and wound all my loose/odd threads onto spools and stored them away to make them easy to find.

I am obviously in a cross-stitch frame of mind as I have started another cross-stitch of my own design, which I can't share just yet as it is a surprise for someone.

(I have to admit that I am also working on a few other creative projects - two knitted beanies, a pastel painting, a watercolour painting,  collating a local history, and scrapbooking my daughter's life so far - which seems to be a longer project than actually raising her!?!)

In a completely different creative direction, K and I did some chalk drawing...

...and had a game of hopscotch.

A nice way to end a lovely winter's day.


3308595a-712c-11e0-9de4-000bcdca4d7a said...

I love your finished hedgehog cross stitch. I just bought the same one at a thrift store in NJ. I have never done any cross stitching, but my mom said the package should have had a chart or pattern. the only things in it were thread, needle, and the white background. Can you please help me with finding this, I've searched on Bing? Thank you so much. katsimi4@aol.com

Elaine said...

Hi, thanks!

The pattern was in the magazine that the kit came with for free. I don't have the mag anymore as I passed it onto a friend - sorry I can't help you.