Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watercolour Class

I have been continuing with watercolour lessons - persevering actually, as I am not really enjoying them. Watercolour is beautiful, but I really don't think it is my medium. Especially watercolour landscapes. I have almost given up learning watercolour because of them.

This is my 5th landscape since starting the lessons - and I still really dislike painting them! I enjoy painting landscapes in pastel, I don't know why I am so resistant to them in watercolour.

So tonight, I refused to paint another watercolour landscape and hunted for a picture that intrigued me instead. I found a picture of a Kangaroo paw, the colours quite intense, and decided to start there. I didn't get much done tonight, but in the short time I worked on it, I was a very happy camper!

So I think I will have to go with my instincts and choose what I'd like to paint, and go from there with watercolour. If the landscapes are putting me off so badly, there is no point continuing with them for now. I may come back to them later.

Next week, at Art class, we are going to try something different. As we have an open day coming up, we are all going to paint a still life - the same still life - each in a different medium. I will do pastel, we'll have an acrylics, oils and watercolour, and then use them to display the talent in our class. It should be fun, all of us working from the same display. Our teacher is going to have to come up with something challenging as the guys don't want to paint flowers!

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Bruce Long said...

life's too short, forget watercolours and do more of the many things you're passionate about!