Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chinese Crested Dog - Pastel Painting (WIP#3)

I skipped posting WIP#2 of this dog as I completely mucked up the background trying to add colour. I was temp;ted to throw it and start again but I decided to have a go at removing the pastel with a bristle brush. The only drawback was that the painting is on velour and it is rather unforgiving.

Here is the result of much brushing. (If anyone was watching me in the backyard it was quite a sight - me with facemask on, bashing at a painting).


 It is not perfect but I think it is possible to bring this back from ruin! Now to get back to work on the dog and leave the background alone until I'm nearly finished and then touch it up and all should be well.

Don't cry KM - I'll save this one yet!!! *g*

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