Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watercolour Class

I have been continuing with watercolour lessons - persevering actually, as I am not really enjoying them. Watercolour is beautiful, but I really don't think it is my medium. Especially watercolour landscapes. I have almost given up learning watercolour because of them.

This is my 5th landscape since starting the lessons - and I still really dislike painting them! I enjoy painting landscapes in pastel, I don't know why I am so resistant to them in watercolour.

So tonight, I refused to paint another watercolour landscape and hunted for a picture that intrigued me instead. I found a picture of a Kangaroo paw, the colours quite intense, and decided to start there. I didn't get much done tonight, but in the short time I worked on it, I was a very happy camper!

So I think I will have to go with my instincts and choose what I'd like to paint, and go from there with watercolour. If the landscapes are putting me off so badly, there is no point continuing with them for now. I may come back to them later.

Next week, at Art class, we are going to try something different. As we have an open day coming up, we are all going to paint a still life - the same still life - each in a different medium. I will do pastel, we'll have an acrylics, oils and watercolour, and then use them to display the talent in our class. It should be fun, all of us working from the same display. Our teacher is going to have to come up with something challenging as the guys don't want to paint flowers!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chinese Crested Dog - Pastel Painting - Finished

This has been the quickest painting I've completed so far (not including the time to paint in and then remove a background I hated). And I'm so happy with it. This was worth saving!


She looks like Carol Channing a bit, don't you think?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pottery Class #2

K. and I headed to pottery again today for some more fun. My mum came along too to see if she would be interested to take this up as a hobby.

K. spent most of the time painting all the pieces from last week, and repairing a couple of cracks in her bowls.

I spent some more time on this...

It is not anyone in particular - it is organic: I will see how it turns out in the end. I think it looks more like a footballer who's been on the receiving end of a few too many footballs, but we'll see how it changes each week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chinese Crested Dog - Pastel Painting (WIP#3)

I skipped posting WIP#2 of this dog as I completely mucked up the background trying to add colour. I was temp;ted to throw it and start again but I decided to have a go at removing the pastel with a bristle brush. The only drawback was that the painting is on velour and it is rather unforgiving.

Here is the result of much brushing. (If anyone was watching me in the backyard it was quite a sight - me with facemask on, bashing at a painting).


 It is not perfect but I think it is possible to bring this back from ruin! Now to get back to work on the dog and leave the background alone until I'm nearly finished and then touch it up and all should be well.

Don't cry KM - I'll save this one yet!!! *g*

Pottery in the School Holidays

K. and I headed over to BACG for an afternoon of pottery last Sunday. I wasn't sure how she would take to it but thought it was worth trying.

We arrived at 12pm, and at 3pm she told me she was ready to go home. She was enjoying herself and so focused on making things. We stood next to each other and I was able to make some things for myself while she pottered away having a go. So I'll post our efforts, beginners though they be.
The first thing we worked on was a bowl together. The tutor gave us a mould and let us go to it. We pressed a cotton doily into the inside of the clay and placed flat pieces and swirls all over the place and then on the outside, K. pressed her fingerprints all over the place, and poked a few holes for good measure *g*.

K. enjoyed pressing the doily into the clay so much she wanted to make a flat plate, which she then drew stars on.

She then went on to make a small bowl, a deer, some trees, a nest with eggs and a jewellery bowl with some jewels inside, and a small duck, which I finished off for her. The tutor made her a small turtle and gave it to K. to paint once it's dry.

Here is a close up of K's deer.

While Katie was making all of these I decided to have a go at a head. Sounds ambitious? Yes, but it was fun. The other students offered guidance as I went along, which was great.

I had some trouble with the eyes and as it was almost 3pm I decided I would finish this next time, which will be on Saturday afternoon, as K. wants to go again!

We dropped by the Potter's Warehouse at Old Toongabbie and picked up a few tools and paints so we can finish off the pieces that we started and they can then be fired. Woo hoo! I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Even if nothing comes of this adventure other than K. taking up pottery and I continue just with art, it has been a fun experience which I was able to share with K. But I think we both had too much fun to give up now. The only thing that might slow us down will be the cost. Pottery is not the cheapest hobby, and when you are already addicted to pastels...  I think I need to sell some paintings! My hobbies are expensive to maintain *g*!!!

(BTW, if you want to see some fantastic pottery got to BAC-Chatter and have a look at what some of the potters have created.)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

All quiet round here...

School holiday time so things will be quiet on the art front, except maybe some painting with K. and some craft (maybe some knitting).

I had the opportunity to go to Manly last week - just standing by the beach wall looking out to sea was so refreshing. I love being by the sea. I need to do this more often. Took a couple of quick snaps before heading off to run errands.

And K. has had a big week - her birthday week. Also, end of school term, which included a Fun Day at school (and too much pink hairspray). Birthday included a party at a playground, cupcakes at school, dinner with mum and dad on the day and an afternoon tea with the family. Her birthday seems to last a week or more!

I am still working on the Chinese Crested Dog but have had a bit of trouble with the background (my constant bugbear) so I may have to scrap the first version and start again. (For which I have been soundly castigated by a friend who loved the sketch/loose quality of the initial drawing).

Still not sure about watercolour - I don't think it is my medium. I'll give it another term but then I will either focus back on pastels or try acrylic or oil. I miss my pastels. Here is the latest watercolour landscape I completed. There is more I could do to it, but it just doesn't inspire me at all. As soon as I started on the pastels, I couldn't wait to keep working on a piece.

So, here's hoping for a fun, and quiet at times, school holidays and I'll drop back here if something creative pops up.

A bit of winter colour to inspire!