Monday, June 21, 2010

Chinese Crested Dog - Pastel Painting (WIP#1)

Today I started a new painting, and I am back to painting my favourite subject - dogs!

My family and I went to a show put on by Dogs NSW at their showground at Erskine Park the other week. It was open to the public to find out about dogs and which kind would make a great pet. I went to take photos to paint. My daughter went to pat as many puppies as she was allowed!

A couple of great ladies from the Kelpie Club of NSW let me take photos of their dogs, and one of them also owned a couple of Chinese Crested dogs, which look to me like miniature afghans. So I decided to start painting one of them, the hairless one which has an interesting look.

Here are the results so far, after about 1.5 hours work.

For a hairless dog, there is a lot of hair on the head of this little pup - it's not all there yet, in fact it almost completely covers its eyes and ears. It has a pink and brown mottled skin. So this is early days yet but the bones are there, so to speak.

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