Sunday, April 25, 2010

Watercolour Class #3

We returned to art class this Tuesday and I finished working on a landscape of a gum tree. I want to be able to get this right first time, of course. And, of course, that is impossible, especially with watercolour. My brushstrokes are all wrong, I still have much to learn about mixing colour and I have to learn how much water to apply to the page. And that is not going to happen in 3 lessons, even if I want it to!

I am happy with the grass though.

Am I super-critical? Yes! Do I want to go back to pastels post-haste? Yes! Will I persevere? Yes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I have been inspired by one of the clever knitters at Blacktown Arts & Crafts Group, June, to try my hand at knitting something a little different - and I mean little! The Craft group at BACG makes a lot of things for charity and they are going to start knitting some beanies for premmie babies to donate to the local hospitals. The beanie was so small and cute, and it is so hard to believe that someone so tiny is out there.

I enjoy knitting and particularly enjoy knitting whilst sitting down in the evening watching TV. I like to have something to do and I can watch and knit if the pattern is simple. And these beanies are very simple and quick to make. And soooo tiny!

I realised after I took the photo of the beanies I completed this afternoon, that I needed something to show how small they really are. So I took another photo...

... with my knitting ruler showing they both fit into the 5-inch span.

Care Wear Volunteers has a great basic hat pattern to use to knit these (along with a lot of other charity patterns) so I followed their guidelines and ended up with a couple of very cute, very quick to knit, beanies. (Just remember the patterns are from the US, so 4ply wool is 8ply for Aussies).

I can knit one of these and sew it up in under and hour, so these will be great to do on cold winter nights in front of my favourite TV shows. I'll have to keep track of how many I complete. I'll have to get some other colours though. June knitted a variegated pastel beanie and it was really cute.

2 down... more to come.