Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abandoned - WIP#7 (Old Car Pastel Painting)

The saga of the never ending car painting continues...

The devil is in the details is so true, and this painting has lots of small details requiring straight lines and lovely curving ellipticals... why did I ever start this!? No, actually, I am enjoying painting this and will continue in my 2 hour increments to get it done.

I am probably going to get in trouble from a good friend as I had to make some changes to the bonnet - and she loved the bonnet as it was - it is still not done. I have started work on the headlights - I need to get them looking like rounded objects instead of slightly squished round objects. I put some shadows on the framework at the rear of the vehicle.

And I think I spent a bit too much time on the cup of tea and a chat before I started work to get as much done as I'd have liked this time. :)

School holidays start at the end of this week, so I am not sure how much more work I'll get on this during that time. I haven't really got anywhere I can set up and paint at home, but I'll see what happens.

1 comment:

Robyn said...

I'm loving this one!!
Straight away you know it's an old banged up jalopy... fantastic work I say and to my eye, all looks good ;)
Love it!