Monday, March 15, 2010

Abandoned - WIP#4 (Old Car Pastel Painting)

I didn't get a full morning to work on this today as K. lost her hat over the weekend and we didn't realise it until this morning. I didn't know that you automatically get a black hole where things absolutely and completely  disappear into once your child starts school. I wonder what will disappear next?

But I did get a bit more done, including going some way towards correcting the twist that was happening at the front of the car. Hopefully I'll get that finished on Wednesday morning. (Tomorrow night at class I'm venturing into the world of watercolour - wish me luck!)

(Please excuse the quality of the photograph - taken inside.)

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Bruce Long said...

i'd probably look at the left (from our view) of the steering wheel to alter the apparent twist. It doesn't seem to be in the right arc and out of alignment with the headlights. Could be a starting point, anyway.