Friday, February 19, 2010

Success at Blacktown City Show

Found out today that I have had some success with my artworks at the Blacktown City Show. I entered 4 paintings and received awards for 3 of them.

"Boats on Lake Phewa, Nepal" received 2nd prize in Graphics (no pastel landscape section, so this was the only option for this painting)

"Amy" received 1st prize in Birds and Animals and Best in Show (Sections 5-9)

"Self Portrait" received 1st prize in Portraits

So I am a happy little camper right now! It is really nice to get recognition for my work. On to the next show now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A quiet week... sort of

This week I won't be painting as the Blacktown Arts & Crafts Group is closed for the Blacktown City Show. So this week all the members of the group are working to get the rooms ready for the arts and crafts display and competition.

I was down at the rooms on Monday night to drop in 4 paintings. This week the committee and volunteers will be setting up the displays with all the works entered for competition, and providing assistance to the judges. I'll be dropping back on Friday with some photos of our group to put on display. And then on Sunday I'll be back again for the day - volunteering in the Art room. It will be fun - it was last year - and I get to have a really good look at the works on display.

And in things to do other than art, on Thursday I'll be volunteering in the school canteen for the first time. So that will be an interesting experience. K. wants to order her lunch on that day from the canteen.

The hours between 9.15 and 2.45 pass by very quickly. Hopefully the extra half hour in the afternoon in a couple of weeks will make it seem a bit longer.

I'm off to bake some cookies, and then sit down for an hour and have lunch whilst watching an episode of Rome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mischief - Finished - Border Collie Pastel Painting

K. started school last week. She is already enjoying it - seems to prefer it to pre-school - so that is making life much easier. No more tears, procrastination in the mornings and no more messing up her everyday clothes. Her school has a uniform - yah! - as do most schools in Australia.

With more time on my hands I have made use of the art space at my local art group and have been painting on Monday morning, Tuesday morning and evening, and I could have gone today but chores intervened. So already, in my first week of childless days I have managed more painting than I did over the whole school holiday period.

In this time, I have completed the painting called 'Mischief'. I will post it on WetCanvas to get some final feedback, make any minor adjustments and then have it framed ready for one of the upcoming art shows.

Still not sure about the background, but I'll wait for some feedback and see what comments come up.

Next week, the Art rooms are closed in preparation for the Blacktown Show (19-21 Feb). I will have 3 paintings in the show, and will also be volunteering to work the Art/Pottery room for one of the days it is open. I enjoy doing that as it means I get to have a look at all the other art works and meet lots of local people.