Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mischief - WIP#2 - Border Collie Pastel Painting

After a short break whilst finishing the Highland Cow painting, I'm back to work on the border collie pup.

Still have lots of work to do but at least there is now some colour in his coat. His snout's not right yet, and there will be blades of grass up over the front of his paws and nose, but they are finishing touches.

I must admit that I love working on black dog coats - there are so many other colours in the fur when the light is on the black. So far on this one the colours in the black are purple, teal, burnt sienna, mauve and a dark green. It really all depends on the light of the day when the photo of the dog was taken. This one was in bright sunlight. The photo of Amy the greyhound, one of my earlier paintings, was taken in shadow so the colours in her black coat were different.

Last night was the last art class until 1st term in the new year. I'm hoping to get this finished and a few other paintings at least started over January, but I'll see how time goes. K. and I will be busy fitting in lots of fun before she starts school next year!

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Bruce Long said...

hi, i have very limited access at the moment, not to mention no address book! Can you email me at either address, otherwise I'll try to get to facebook when the library opens again on Tuesday...