Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Highland Cow Pastel Painting - WIP#2

Remembered the reference this week, so got to work on the Highland Cow painting.

It is actually beginning to look like a cow! Haven't really touched the foreground grasses yet and I'm not really happy with the distant mountains. There is a tree or two to add if I want and some minor touches on the cow.


M said...

ur doing the cow justice :)

Tracy W. said...

Love this! Is it finished? Would love to have one.

Elaine said...

Hi Tracy,

Here is a link to the finished work. It is not a large drawing - 20cm(W) x 14.5cm(H). It is framed - dimensions 36cm (W) x 30cm (H). But if you are overseas (not in Australia), it can be removed from the frame to save cost of postage.


Please email me at mississhippi (at) gmail.com if you'd like more details.