Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Highland Cow Pastel Painting

A friend (thanks Michelle!) has let me use a reference of a Scottish Highland Cow that she took in front of a distillery on a trip to Scotland. I am making some changes including removing the distillery, but it should be fun to do. I've decided to work small (6"x7") but if I like it I may paint a larger one later on.

This is like a first draft - a lot of colour but no definition.  It was fun to get a lot done in a short time

I can't wait to work on the cow. I'll probably have to use pastel pencil to get any sort of detail, but that's no problem. This should be fun!

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Bruce Long said...

I find this so beautiful and interesting, just as it is!
But there's nowt so queer as folk, in any case,