Monday, November 09, 2009

Cats now...kittens no more

Just thought I'd post a couple of new photos of the cats. Our two 'little' ones are now as big, if not bigger than their mum.

We recently set up a table in the playroom, but as it was under the window, realised that it would be a losing battle not to provide somewhere for the cats to lie down - otherwise they would be all over whatever we use on the table. So here they are in their new favourite spot, especially if the window is open.

And now that the cats are not being locked in the laundry at night, Honey has taken over one of the lounge chairs as her own. This chair is one my parents bought before I was born, so it has lasted quite well, and now it has a new use :) !

We have two of these chairs, so Button and Rainy alternate, or else one lies on top and the other underneath, and they bat at each other over the edge. Button is a big sook now (since he was desexed) and the other night followed me everywhere I went, curling up on my lap whenever I sat down.

Finally, here is Rainy, our slinky cat, in his very favourite spot.

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