Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taronga Zoo Visit

On Monday K. and I visited Taronga Zoo for the day - well, for about 5 hours or so, which was long enough!

We actually saw a platypus this time - haven't seen one in ages, and the red panda was wandering about for once, instead of curled up asleep. We missed the seal show, but as it was school holidays it was so crowded, so we'll go and see that another day when there is not such a crowd.

Here are some images from the day...

K. fell in love with this bird

I loved the colour of this duck's feathers

The gorillas were busy eating. One of the females
took a wide path around this silverback

One of the things I love most about Taronga
is the views of the city from many different places around the park.

Red Panda

A zoo keeper was walking past as I was talking to K. about this bear. He said it was 102 years old in bear years. No wonder it looks so tired!

We missed seeing the new baby elephant except from afar.

The giraffe is such a beautiful animal. This one
was heading as quickly as it could towards food.

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