Saturday, October 17, 2009

Australian Museum, Sydney

Another school holiday outing to the Museum, which I haven't been to since I was in high school (most probably on a school excursion). K. was most excited to see the dinosaur bones, and I must admit I was too.

The Australian Museum is really kid oriented. K. had a great time finding all the things you can touch and play with around the museum. She's a little too old for the kiddie play area, but that doesn't stop her wanted to explore it. And the search and discover area where you can touch bones and fossils and dead animals was a favourite. But the most favourite were the computer screens in the dinosaur area (where you can create and colour your own dinosaur) and the insect world exploration in the discovery area. There were queues for the computer screens in every area. And she was fascinated by the skeletons and bones.

I must admit that the best bones display I've ever seen was at te Papa in Wellington where they have an X-ray room full of all kinds of bones, but the Museum is so well set up for kids to explore.

K. brought along one of her many puppy dogs and he enjoyed the visit too!

Here are some images from the day...

K. had the most fun with these skulls. She had them lined up as mummy, daddy, and children, and had us moving their jaws (wired to move) and talking to her as the skulls. It was hilarious and lots of fun. She has no qualms about handling skulls and bones!

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