Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pencil sketch - Amy the Greyhound

I didn't feel like painting tonight so I sketched from a picture I took of a friend's greyhound. I am going to do this in pastels at some stage but I just wanted to draw tonight and not worry about colour. I think it will also help me to grasp values in paintings a bit more if I work in pencil sometimes instead of always in pastel.

The snout's not right yet and she has one crazy eye which just needs to be increased in size, and of course I am still working on light and shade to get the contours of her face right.

But it was so relaxing just to lose myself in the drawing tonight. Just what I needed.


Faiz said...

wow what is that ...?
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tonii said...

very talented! i am impressed
good luck with the rest of your artwork

Galaxy6139 said...

^^ Nice picture but I think the snout is a little bit long, shorter will be better ^^

I like to see your finished picture

Elaine said...

You are right about the snout, Galaxy6139. I ran out of time at class so didn't get to fix it. Will post the updated one when I get the chance to work on it some more.