Sunday, September 27, 2009

Greyhound Pastel Painting on Velour - WIP#4

I spent the day at the Pam Green Exhibition at Blacktown Showground today, which is a display day in honour of the lady who founded the Blacktown Art & Craft Group. I didn't get as much painting done today as I hoped, but it was still a fun day. Quilts, crafts, paintings and drawings /paintings by the kids in the children's art classes were on display as well as for sale. I spent a fair bit of time catching up with the craft ladies who I hadn't seen for a while as well as volunteering to prepare the quarterly newsletter for the group.

There was also a gymkhana on at the showground, but because of the windy weather not as many horses were shown - but I did get to take a few photos of some lovely horses. Also, had interest in a commission of a cat, a Russian Blue, so that will be great.

Here is the latest pic of progress of the greyhound.

The throat is pretty much done - it looks like the dog has fur now. Just need to do the same detail work on the head. And need to add some value/colour into the background to finish that off too.

I received some really lovely comments on the greyhound and on the pictures of some of my other paintings, which were nice to hear. Feedback is always welcome! :)

K. had a painting of Ernie from Sesame Street (her first still life) in the display and she has received an Encouragement Award for it - her first one!

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Looking good!

Check out the new website for the group mentioned in the article.